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The Gardens

Emerge into a state of bliss to the rhythm of nature and the chilled-groovin' sounds

A carefully curated sanctuary within the sanctity of Boomland, The Gardens it's a place to slow down and explore the beauty that blossoms, from nature to electronics, and sonic to visual expressions of the self and the whole.

Being chilled-out is tremendously powerful — to begin with, it's virtually synonymous with bliss, which feels great.

For 2022 we renamed the Chill Out Gardens concept for The Gardens. This is Boomland's space where in 2010 we started work to regenerate gardens, which more than a decade later have changed the landscape and ecosystem for the better. Thus, we pay homage to nature, inviting you to enjoy it with love and affection.

Nature's tranquillity is sculptured into an intricate mandala of gardens. Some just spread their harmonic vibes; others have an eco-educational message.

Chill Out music in all its forms provides the slo-mo soundtrack, both synthesised and hand-made. The surrounding hubs enhance this experience through workshops and therapies.

(Selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags are not transcendental or psychedelic at all. Just the opposite. They disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of Oneness).