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Reconnect with nature: Explore the green side of Boom and eat what you find!

For author Hans Christian Andersen, “Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” With this in mind, we reckon Boomland ticks all the boxes for a happy life!

Gardens are a fundamental part of Boom. They give colour to our land, make excellent habitats, sustain biodiversity and provide us with exquisite edibles. 

Take the time to reconnect with Mother Nature and explore the greener areas of the festival. Lose yourself amongst the dazzling natural mazes, taste the yummy plants that grow there and enjoy the breathtaking beauty.

We’re grateful for the help of an international team of expert permaculture gardeners and volunteers who arrive several months before Boom starts to care for these stunning wonders of nature. 

Over the years we’ve grown basil, sage and rosemary as well as veggies like pumpkins, tomatoes and zucchini, while all kinds of living beings have moved into this rich ecosystem and made it their home.