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Here’s why and how it works at Boom 2023

It’s a mixed feelings relation with technology. Although it may scare us at times, we know that the way we use it, like so many things in life, it’s all about balance. And finding the advantages of a world in constant — and unavoidable — development. 

In a way, technology does help us, it makes our lives easier. At Boom, we too want to facilitate your experience, by having access to things in a more quick and efficient way. 

That’s why we adopt, once again, the cashless model, where money — paper and coin currency — isn't used for transactions. Instead, transactions are electronic.

It is a secure solution and it also avoids voucher systems and waste of paper. It will also contribute, as said before, to facilitating the logistics. Less time waiting in lines? You got it. 

Like last edition, we are presenting a mixed solution: at bars you use cashless, but you have an option at all restaurants (you can use either card, bank notes or cashless). 

The FAQ below is meant to clarify any questions you might have on the cashless model.