Reforestation hero image


Trees epitomise what regeneration means to Boom

Boomland's reforestation program was the natural step to take once we acquired the land as it provides a multitude of benefits, including much-needed shade, homes for the birds and the bees, and enhances overall local biodiversity.

We set this program in motion in 2015. Since then, and between each Boom edition, we have planted over 1000 trees and 120 shrub species. Each and every one of them are cared for and irrigated on a weekly basis.

Some of the tree species planted are:

  • Acer Monspessulanum

  • Acer Pseudoplatanus

  • Alnus Glutinosa

  • Betula Pubescena

  • Castanea Sativa

  • Celtis Australis

  • Populus Alba

  • Olea Europaea Sylvestris

  • Prunus Avium

  • Quercus Pyrenaica

...with many more to come.

And because pictures are worth a thousand words, we've put together two videos - one from 2015, the other from 2017, to further illustrate our reforestation program.