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Sustainability is about supporting people, too 

Boom Karuna Project

The Boom Karuna Project was born in 2014 with the intention of sharing a part of Boom’s revenues with the local Idanha-a-Nova community and beyond.

In the aftermath of Boom 2018, we distributed a total €40,000 to various projects. Learn more about one of our most beloved projects on the Boom Karuna Project page.

Part of our mission entails funding social initiatives in the region — here are just some examples of how we do this:


  • For the 2022 edition, the Boom Team comprised 59 different nationalities.

Boom Build suppliers (equipment, tools and materials)

  • Total: 764 
  • Local: 664 (87%)
  • Regional: 148 (19.3%)

Suppliers of restaurants and bars (we provide all restaurants with a list of local and regional suppliers)

  • Total: 40
  • Local: 22 (55%)
  • Regional: 18 (45%)

Suppliers Boom Team canteen

  • Total: 36
  • Regional (Castelo Branco & Idanha-a-Nova): 25 (69%)
  • Other regions in Portugal: 11 (31%)

* We consider as "Local" suppliers based in Portugal. "Regional" are the ones from the Idanha-a-Nova and Castelo Branco regions.


We support the Castelo Branco association Associação Quatro Corações all year-round. In 2022, we donated 200kg of surplus vegetable production from our veggie garden and 500kg of surplus fruit from the festival. Some members of our team volunteer there regularly, to help out in the association's social kitchen.