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Building With Purpose

Architectural symbiosis with Nature

Construction is the conscious manipulation of nature. Boom's approach towards this formula: keep the manipulation factor as low as possible. Keep the nature factor as high as possible. Do it ephemeral. Nature always reinvents herself. Do it yourself from scratch and apply new lenses all the time.

Clay, for instance, is basically just soil - but it has amazing qualities for building. Our ancestors knew this and developed simple yet highly efficient construction techniques. No hi-tech needed. Looking back to how they lived is extremely valuable in many different respects. So we did that and came up with a take on bio-construction for more than a decade now.

Apart from the soil in all its forms, we include materials such as willow, cane, straw, bamboo (being reused since 2006) as well as all sorts of certified or local wood and stone in the construction of Boom. Many of these materials come from the local environment. Some constructions require more industrialised materials than others and we keep these to a minimum.

Please check the information below to see how we implement sustainable methods for our build. 

Breakdown of Building Eco Procedures