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Envisionary Art Gallery

Experience a singular approach to psychedelia 

Since 2002 the visionary art gallery has been presenting psychedelic art at Boom. 

In 2022, Boom Festival’s fine arts program embraced new approaches on psychedelia and decentralisation, by welcoming a collection of 25 NFT artworks that were displayed on screens at the festival’s art gallery, which has been baptised as the Envisionary Art Lounge.  

Several NFT ‘drop’ mechanics were anticipated to take place at the festival, including single or ‘one of one’ edition pieces, limited edition NFTs and open edition collectibles. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition were then donated to social and environmental impact causes. 

In 2023 the curation of the artworks is based on the festival theme, Radical Love. A complementary program of talks and workshops takes place at the festival’s Liminal Village

Come and experience the Envisionary Art Gallery and let´s be part of the art adventure at Boom!