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Boom Eco Paradigm

Our mission is to protect and regenerate our precious Earth

It’s not only about cleaning up after ourselves: it’s about leaving Nature in a better state than when we found her. Like every other human action, Boom, too, is accountable for its impact on the natural and social environment.

Ecological consciousness is a top priority before, during and after the event. Our aim is to use the opportunity of a large-scale event, all the while supporting nature’s regeneration in the months before and after the festival to raise awareness amongst Boomers. Get to know more at the Insights below the text.

As a result, our environmental program involves the following:

  • To use the opportunity of thousands of human beings together to raise awareness, generate change and leave the land better than we found it;

  • Adapting to nature (and not the other way round!);

  • A commitment to adapt a tailor-made Boom environmental paradigm that touches all the levels of the production while also generating change on a regional, local and world level;

  • Respect of legal regulations and other requirements related to environmental issues to which we agree;

  • To deliver an appropriate framework for establishing and revising goals to protect the environment, the people, the communities;

  • To document, implement and communicate all environmental initiatives to the Boom Team and Boomers in a transparent, clear and coherent manner;

  • Raising environmental awareness: during the festival, the Eco Team and the Eco Guardians sensitise Boomers to respecting Nature; several lectures and workshops are also presented on the subject.