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Martha Punter


Talk by Martha Punter

Every Boomer is a VIP, because every single one deserves the best festival experience possible. Along the years, Boom has strived to always improve the conditions of those who might need specific support to access and enjoy the festival.

This can include people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, walking frames or crutches users, people with vision impairment (blindness or low vision), people with hearing impairment (deafness, reduce hearing or induction loop users), people with chronic diseases (heart conditions, respiratory conditions, diabetes, multiple sclerosis...), pregnant women, elderly people with problems walking long distances, and people who are not autonomous and independent in their everyday tasks. Families with young children are also a target, but Young Dragons are in charge of them.

Join Martha, the Accessibility Department coordinator in this presentation to discover the facilities that are designed specifically for people with access needs, the initiatives to make the program more accessible, the learnings from previous editions, and the specific challenges of a festival like Boom to make sure that everyone feels welcome!