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Felix de Rosen


Workshop by Felix de Rosen and Lindsay Gordon

Let's immerse ourselves in the love story that is our planet. As long as ""Earth"" and ""nature"" remain intellectual concepts, we cannot expect to truly steward them.

In this workshop, we will practice deep listening to ourselves in relationship to the landscape around us. With body, mind, and soul, we will allow ourselves to feel the interdependence, grief, and joy of being alive on this planet today.

The urgency of the planetary crisis calls for decisive action. The workshop invites us to embrace the necessary and overlooked complement to action: slowing down and tuning into the love that connects us all.

We’ll begin with a series of guided somatic exercises. Drawing on principles of ecopsychology, we will focus on the felt experience of the land we are on and feel into a love that is more-than-human. Integrating this experience, we’ll then merge deep listening with practice and invite participants to interact with their neighbors around a series of intentional questions.

As we listen to individual voices, we join together around the common struggles and joys of our planetary love story. At the end of the workshop, those interested can join facilitators Felix de Rosen and Lindsay Gordon in a somatic walk throughout the Boom Festival landscape.