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Claudiu Oprea


Workshop by Claudiu Oprea

What would a decolonized permaculture movement look like in relation to race, gender and land? How can we, as permaculturists, model decolonization in our practice? What are the histories that are being erased? What does power sharing look like? What are we losing?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring during the workshop which we hope will bring about positive transformation in the permaculture movement.

Join Claudiu Oprea for this participatory reflection on how to weave a new story and to seed a new culture in the fertile soils of permaculture. Together, we will engage with the discomfort of exploring some of the blind spots of permaculture and identify ways in which we might unknowingly reinforce systemic oppression, and how to change course.

You are invited to co-create a new way of practicing permaculture that can hold the complexities of our times with respect, integrity, compassion, solidarity and radical love! A resilient culture that shares power and integrates edge cultures in its story of success.