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Amala Oliveira


Workshop by Amala Oliveira

We all desire mind-blowing expansive experiences of connection and liberation. And we all have our own set of fears, past traumas and inhibitions. Bridging between these two requires the skill of knowing what we need and being able to express it. How can we become more honest, owning what we desire and ask for what we want? What can we do with the shame and embarrassment about asking? And how do we deal with rejection?

In order to develop a sensual connection to our body and expand our erotic potential we need to feel into our boundaries and explore them so we can authentically consent at all times. In this workshop we will play with the tools of the Wheel of Consent. Every invitation will be optional and all genders, orientations and other identities are warmly welcome.

This session will give you some of the essential tools you will need to stay safe and sink deeply into the Earth Sex Magic Ritual which will take place later on the same day, July 24th, at 21:00.



Ritual by Amala Oliveira

Can we extend the function of the erotic to the more-than-human world, as collective life force transcending the individual? Can we decenter human narratives while recognizing, sensing, feeling the erotic in nature around us? The scent and feel of mossy forest soil just after it rains. The power of the full moon in our own bellies. What stories can non-human bodies tell, embody, communicate? How do our bodies entangle and move in fluidity with the more-than-human world?

We are always in deep relation to our ecosystem. Yet often nature is either idealized and purified or depicted as a threatening “other”. In this ritual we are invited to look beyond ourselves and create a deeply erotic connection through breath, movement, consensual touch and magic. Let’s love radically!