Winter 2022/2023 at Boomland hero image

Winter 2022/2023 at Boomland

Water, Infrastructure Maintenance & Other Updates.

Winter is a productive time to tend to the land. The team is working daily onsite on several regeneration projects, as well as maintenance of infrastructure. 

Here’s what you can see on the pictures below:

(1) Alchemy Circle's semi-permanent structure.

(2) Macro zoom of Nature at its finest: a tiny acorn playing its big role at Boomland

(3) Our friends in management and regeneration.

(4) Here's a close-up of our plants filtering waste at our wastewater treatment plant. The main goal is to treat 100% of the water consumed at #BoomFestival and reintroduce it for land regeneration and/or showers.

(5) Our wastewater treatment plant has a capacity of 7 million litres of water.

(6) Meet Spirodela polyrrhiza, also known as duckweed, which helps treat grey waters.

(7) Boomland!

(8) Work in progress. This time the image corresponds to shower maintenance on the land.

(9) Did you know that… some of our toilet paper dispensers are made of coretech (recycled car interiors)?

(10) This image takes our breath away.