Why is Boom happening in 2023? hero image

Why is Boom happening in 2023?

Due to the pandemic Boom is happening two years in a row — that hasn't happened since 1997/1998 

Many of you have been asking: will Boom be annual? No, Boom does not intend to become annual. Yet, it is happening two years in a row, something that hasn’t happened since the 1997/1998 editions. 
Boom did not take place for four years in a row, due to the pandemic. We went from 2018 to 2022, with loads of struggling in the meantime, but we made it.

Boomers were longing for some expansion, which happened in Boom 2022. That edition, which also marked the 25th anniversary of the festival, was memorable. We then listened to your feedback — Boomers aim for one more edition; and our team also wants to give the Boom community more than the pandemic allowed, we all deserve it. 
What about Boomland?
Boomland is taken care of daily by a team of dozens of people. It follows cycles of rest, regeneration, reforestation and sometimes opens to the public. The earth manages to rest even with two editions — it was four years without Boom. Doing it two years in a row doesn't go against the philosophy of letting the earth rest.

Making the 2023 edition happen is significant, as Boom is an independent festival with a high production cost. That means Boom can stabilise with this issue and recover from the damage of the pandemic. As we say in Portugal, it is the perfect way to “combine the useful with the pleasant”.

In short:

- Editions will occur in odd-numbered years (2023, 2025 and so on)

- We will follow various moon phases, not specifically the full moon

- We will not be attached to the month of August anymore, due to the effects of climate change and intensive farming in the region around Boomland

- We will carry on with the presentation of the Being Gathering (due for 2024) and the Being Camp at Boomland