Ticket Resale Platform Available from 12 June hero image

Ticket Resale Platform Available from 12 June

For Boomers who wish to resell or repurchase tickets to other Boomers.

Have a ticket for Boom 2023 but can't make it? For a month you can resell it to anyone in need.

Unforeseen things happen and life doesn't always go as planned. By saying that, we understand the plight of Boomers who have secured a ticket but cannot make it to the festival. On the other hand, there are those who haven't already and are willing to buy one — considering we are sold out, this is their chance to attend Boom 2023. 

As in previous editions, a third-party ticket resale/repurchase platform will be in operation from 12 June to 12 July. We allow all Boom tickets (Festival Tickets, Tipi Camp, Lizard Camp, Cardboard Village and Boom Bus) to be resold and purchased in a safe, quick and simple way.

Boom is free from state and corporate advertising, sponsorship and investment. By placing your ticket on this third-party platform, you’re contributing to the festival’s survival and another mind-blowing edition, for all of the community to experience.

In order to maintain fairness in the relationship between those who buy and those who sell, it will not be possible to change the price. Thus, the amount charged on the resale platform will be the same as the Regular Price: €275. 

It is thanks to all of you that Boom continues to trace its path with due solidity. Thank you, Muito obrigado!

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