Being Eco at Boomland hero image

Being Eco at Boomland

A video series about the way we work with and for nature

As a project that aims to preserve the environment, regenerate the land and seek new ways to integrate into the ecosystem, we have been developing several initiatives.

Ecology is a fascinating discipline that can be applied in different aspects, whether in subjects that have a direct impact on the land, like soil treatment, or in what we give to the region and community.

These are practices that we have been perfecting, always taking into account that we belong to nature, we come from it, and we are not here just to serve ourselves. 

It has been a journey full of knowledge and good encounters. We are happy to share all these projects with you. 

Cycles of Water is the first episode in a series dedicated to the various themes surrounding the systems we develop at Boomland. Join the path. 


Art by Camila Nogueira 
Animation by Catarina Silva