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A Letter of Thanks From Us to You

To all Boomers & Boom Team members who helped co-create a magnificent 2022 edition

“We cannot be fully human alone.”
Douglas Ruhshkoff

Obrigado, Thank You. A pandemic and the politics of fear of mainstream culture separated us, but we came back together stronger as a community: more grounded, more mature, enjoying every moment with joy and depth, with celebration and kindness.
Thank you for the support you have given to our production over the last two years. These were very difficult times, working against invisible forces, navigating in uncertainty, but always with the certainty of your support and following our purpose of human transformation and land regeneration.
Without Boomers the festival would not have taken place. It was you Boomers who co-created a magnificent vibe in this edition. You are the festival’s oxygen, its soul, thank you: We Are One.
The biggest thanks also to all the teams that produced and built the festival. Working at Boomland is always very difficult due to the adverse weather conditions. This year was the most challenging ever: we worked during the hottest month of July of the 21st century in mainland Portugal.
On 13 July we experienced the hottest day of 2022 and the fifth hottest day of the 21st century in Portugal. Temperatures were above 40 degrees Celsius. It was difficult to move, we were all extremely tired; even the sewing machine needles melted.
Without dedication, professionalism and a sense of mission, it would not have been possible to overcome these conditions. During the festival every single team was at service for you. Thanks to all teams.

To all the artists who participated in the festival: your imagination and creativity elevate Boom to the pantheon of mysticism. The aesthetic allied to the message: shapes that merge with the landscape; the day and night symbiosis in Boomland; the dance floors that move in unison; fun, with so much colour, shine and smiles. To all music, decoration, architecture, design, video, sculpture, painting and digital artists, we bow and respect you for what you brought to Boom 2022.
To the food vendors, thanks for nurturing the community with your delicious food from across the world, most of it conscious, homemade and plant-based. To the Bazaar participants it was a pleasure to welcome your beautiful creations to Boom. Thank you.
Now that a week has passed since the community left Boomland, we continue to work.
We’re taking apart and tidying up Boom 2022. We could not imagine a better 25th anniversary celebration. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sending out the usual Letter to the Boomers and Eco Letter to the Boomers with self-reviews and insights about the edition.

In the meantime we're envisioning the next Boom from 20 to 27 July 2023 (Waxing Crescent Moon). Tickets become available in October 2022. Stay tuned for the launch of the theme.

This does not mean that we'll be doing Boom on a yearly basis from now on, but rather that we're going back to doing the festival on odd years - 2025, 2027, and so on. 
On the behalf of the whole Boom Team, we offer a deep bow of gratitude to YOU.