Dear Boomers,

It’s been a month since we last touched base, so this spring full moon felt like a good time to reconnect with an update on all things Boom.

Using the power of visual imagery, we’ve put together a short video to convey life as it is during Winter at Boomland. It also gives us the chance for us to introduce you to IdanhaCulta, a non-profit Boom Festival project launched with the intention to both care for the land and support the local community.

In case you hadn’t yet noticed, we are now publishing sets from Boom 2018 each week. You’ll find them on Boom Radio where you’ll discover over 300 hours of music which was played across the festival’s four music stages!

It’s got to be said that the 2018 edition of the Liminal Village program was one of the most activist driven yet. It comprised a total of 54 workshops and presentations. We’ve selected some that will take you right back, so do look out for Liminal Village 2018 Specials, which will be aired on our channels every now and then.

On 22 March we celebrate World Water Day. As happy as it makes us to see the sun shine bright over a now green and blossoming land, we cannot help but comprehend how the lack of rain is contributing to a seriously alarming disruption of nature’s cycle. Portugal is once again facing a drought. Moderate drought was predicted to hit 57.3 per cent of the Portuguese landscape in February 2019, while five per cent of terrain is threatened with severe levels of aridity (source: IPMA).

At Boomland, we’re helping fight desertification through a reforestation program which has been ongoing since 2015. Watch out for a comprehensive video on this topic soon and be mindful of your daily water use, both outside and inside the festival!

As we’re still celebrating more than two decades on this planet, we’d like to bring to light our two main 20 years editorial projects: both the Boom Festival 20 Years documentary movie and the Boom Festival 20 Years: A Visual and Oral History book are available online.

As life continues to evolve and we continue to flow, we send you our love and look forward to sending more updates soon. Thank you for your love and support. Keep shining!

Cultivate Freedom & Love,
Boom Team

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