Boom February 2019 Update

Dear Boomers,

We trust you are rocking life in your respective worlds!

This month’s fuzzy ‘snow moon’ marked the third full moon since we last reached out to you. And with another 18 to go until we open up those flood gates to 13th edition of Boom, we felt it was timely to communicate a little update…

Outstanding Greener Festival

So we’re delighted to kick off the year by announcing that Boom has received recognition for its environment and social program once again by getting, for the sixth time in a row, the Outstanding Greener Festival Award - the highest accolade of the four categories to be awarded.

The assessment was based on thorough examination of Boom’s sustainability policies. More detailed information about our environmental and social measures can be found in the Eco Letter to the Boomers 2018.

The achievement of this award was only made possible by the collective efforts of so many like-minded individuals.

We feel immense gratitude to all those who have contributed to this achievement. At the same time, we feel conscious about the fact all human activity makes an impact on the environment - and recognition of this will no doubt keep us on our toes and evolving into the future.

Boom Festival 2018 - Eco Practices

In other news, we’ve launched a little video about eco practices - and it illustrates Boom’s commitment to improving the natural environment at Boomland, while demonstrating how such practices contribute to the development of the Idanha-a-Nova region.

Care for the natural and social environments form the crux of Boom’s DNA. It’s an ethos that has evolved over the festival’s two-decade-long history. Read all about this historic evolution in the special book we launched to mark the festival’s 20th year, entitled: Boom 20 Years: A Visual and Oral History - or take it all in by tuning in to the Boom Festival 20 Years official movie.

The next few months

Over the coming months we’ve geared up to developing even more projects that go above and beyond the scope of the festival itself. In the meantime, we continue to expand our vision by absorbing the changes that are happening in the world around us.

It’s a non-stop world in a state of constant change, serving to remind us of the impermanent nature of our existence as we continue to ride the tide of life. From our humble perspective, what we decide to take from our collective and individual experiences, will contribute to yet another incredible Boom - so 2020, watch out, we’re on our way!

Keep it here and stay tuned as the Boom heart beats on.

Thank you so much for the endless love, support and passion.

Cultivate Freedom & Love,
Boom Team