Thank You Boom Team, Artists & Facilitators

Dear Boomers,

It’s been few weeks since the end of Boom 2018 and countless members of the team remain on site to help dismantle structures, fix remaining paperwork and care for the land.

And as everyday life at Boomland gradually gets back to normal, we send heartfelt sentiments of gratitude to every individual who applied to work or volunteer, and also to those who shared their art, music and knowledge with the Boomer community during this edition.

The numbers speak for themselves: it took 546 long-term workers, 1,241 short-term workers and 754 volunteers - many who worked before, during and after the event - to make Boom happen.

A further 709 music, video and performance artists, 387 facilitators, 171 therapists and 37 decor and art installation crews also contributed to the 2018 team, which manifested one of the most artistic editions ever hosted.

We feel the utmost gratitude for your impetus to be part of Boom. The clarity with which you channelled in the creative process, the love with which you manifested it, and the mind-blowing level of talent that you presented were fundamental to the creation of such an incredible edition.

Muito Obrigado! A million thanks for the time and energy you dedicated to the making of Boom and for the expression of a value that is so dear to us: multiple forms of active participation in an act of service that delivers a message which transcends the individual.

This is a humble token of our appreciation for what has been accomplished by the collective. We wish you all the very best and more - and we continue to keep you in our hearts. Until the next time!

With Love and Gratitude,
Boom Team