Dear Boomers,

Thank you for bringing your amazing vibes and energy to the 12th edition of Boom Festival!

As the dust begins to settle, we all reflect on our collective experience and on how to take the spirit of Boom back home and apply it to our everyday lives.

It goes without saying that Boom would not be what it is without the creative spirit that Boomers bring to the festival.

It would also not be made possible without the love and energy dedicated by workers, volunteers, catering crews, artists, stewards, eco-teams,facilitators and therapists, designers, and all those who helped the production and the build of this psychedelic city. MUITO OBRIGADO, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

In the meantime, we hope you are all having a smooth transition and have returned home feeling energetic, vibrant and full of inspiration and creativity in order to cultivate freedom and love wherever you are.

See you all in 2020 for yet another epic edition of oneness and love.

With Love and Gratitude,
Yours Boom Team