Dear Boomers,

As the Boomland flourishes with the arrival of spring, we too are ready to blossom by bringing some long-awaited news to the community.

Back in 2014 and 2016, you may recall that name changes to Boom tickets was not an option. This was purely to protect Boomers from getting exploited by the black market. To remedy this, we offered to refund Boomers who could no longer make it to the festival and put their tickets back on sale.

Our 2018 tickets Terms & Conditions states that tickets can not be refunded. Yet, following the feedback we’ve had, we understand that sometimes circumstances of life change and some Boomers need to return their tickets. As a result, we are launching a ticket return system which we feel is fair to everyone and where refunded tickets will be placed back on the online shop to be sold again on a first come, first served basis.

Please read attentively the following information:

  • Tickets will be refunded, and they will be made available through the online store on a first come, first served basis. There will be no possibility of changing names.
  • Applications for ticket refunds will be open from 9am on the 23rd of April until the 15th of June 2018 at 11.59pm. The link will be made available on our website.
  • Refunded tickets (those who have been returned by Boomers who cannot attend the festival) will be made available on the online store.
  • The first phase of sales will start on the 15th of May 2018, and will end once all tickets available are sold out. The amount of tickets available depends on the amount of required refunds.
  • The second phase of sales will start on the 16th of June 2018 and will end once all tickets available are sold out.
  • Once you have purchased your ticket(s), they must be personalised within 48 hours. Tickets which have not been personalised within the set deadline will be cancelled.
  • This refund system is only meant for festival tickets - to inquire about Boom Bus tickets and Tipi Camp, please contact [email protected] and/or [email protected] respectively.
  • All ticket refunds are subject to a fee of 25€ due to administrative costs.
  • Refunds for all individual orders (bought on the online shop or through a Boom Ambassador) will start being processed as soon as the returned ticket is purchased on the online shop.
  • Refunds for group orders (orders in which more than 1 ticket was bought) will only be processed on the 30th of July. Please bear in mind that even if the refund is meant for only one of the tickets of the group order, it will still only be refunded on this date.
    As we are working with a ticketing partner exterior to the Boom organisation, this procedure is out of our reach and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this might bring you.

More information about these measures, as well as details about this upgraded ticket refund system is available on our Tickets FAQs HERE. Please do make sure to go through it. Any questions, reach out by emailing [email protected].

In the hopes that these new circumstances will bring peace of mind and relief to many of you, we’d like once again to thank each and everyone of you for your endless support and love. Also, stay tuned for news on the festival program, which we will release on our website on the 1st of May!

With Love and Gratitude,
Boom Team