Dear Boomers,

As Boom’s cultural hub, the Liminal Village is a space where knowledge can truly be shared as a means of achieving positive change. Every edition since 2000, inspiring speakers partake in a series of panels, conferences and workshops, and dozens of hours are dedicated to movie sessions.


The whole planet is going through intense transformational time, giving rise to many kinds of challenges for all of us and thus posing the question on what should be our reaction. Radical self-responsibility is key to activate our potential as game changers and even when we are surrounded with natural disasters, political turmoil, social unrest, we can choose to focus on what can be done and refuse to be overwhelmed by hopelessness.

When we choose hope and action, we are able to see that there are myriads of associations, collectives, initiatives, individuals, actively working at the solutions, and if we decide to surf their wave, guided by the impulse of life to perpetuate itself, the system of destruction has no chance!

As in a kaleidoscopic vision, where each colour is in perfect geometric relation to the others and together they form a harmonious ever-changing picture, we can discern how different streams of activism have been forming over the years. Scenes that have previously been separated now are looking for each other’s knowledge to collaborate and find the right balance.

As Standing Rock has proved, there is no effective political and ecological activism without the support of prayer in defense of the sacredness of what keep us alive: this is sacred activism. Furthermore there is no effective activism towards external authority structures, without a previous work on one’s own inner structures. Awareness of one’s inner dynamics and inner wars, is key to avoid projections: this is inner activism. Spiritual work and self-development work without political awareness are destined to create islands of supposed purity and remain inefficient at a global level, while political activism without a spiritual basis risks to become sterile and activists can succumb to burnout.

How do the different souls of this global movement intertwine, support each other and make an effective impact at a global level? Which is the knowledge each stream can contribute to form a holistic picture? How can the Boom experience trigger engagement in social/political/ecological/technological activism, while supporting inner development?

SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM: reconnection to traditional and indigenous knowledge, knowledge of spiritual/mystical traditions, neo-shamanism, sacred geometry, witchcraft tools, plant medicine ceremonies, vipassana, sweat lodge, vision quest, soulcraft, temple arts, sacred music…

INNER ACTIVISM: integration of psychedelic experiences, self-development tools, Non Violent Communication, deep/Jungian/transpersonal psychology, couple therapy, understanding the self and the other, emotions and feelings in the making of culture, meditation, mindfulness...

ECOLOGICAL ACTIVISM: defense of the four elements, balance between the opposites (fire vs. water), conscious water management, anti-fracking campaigns, permaculture, biodynamics, bio agriculture, guerrilla gardens and guerilla forests, reforestation, clean energy cooperatives, off-the-grid energy solutions, awareness of “greenwashing”, food sovereignty, conscious nutrition, animal welfare vs. animal cruelty…

POLITICAL ACTIVISM: anti-capitalistic alternatives vs. post capitalism vs. other systems, gift economy, circular economy, sustainable degrowth, transition towns, redistribution of wealth, anti-nuclear campaigns, cognitive liberty campaigns, liberalization of psychedelics and its medical/scientific potential, independent media…

SOCIAL ACTIVISM: sustainable social change, defense of minority rights, gender justice, LGBTQ rights, equality and integration vs. racism, conscious travelling vs. mass tourism, ageing population vs. welfare systems vs. guaranteed minimum income (GMI), integration policies, anti-nationalist/racists strategies, urbanization of lifestyles vs. rural escapism, community-supported agriculture, community building, sustainable cities, positive social media, free education…

TECHNOLOGICAL ACTIVISM: “fight for your digital rights” campaigns, right to digital privacy, noble hacking, cryptocurrencies, Fab Labs, DIY, defense of net neutrality, ethics and robotics, learning to code, cyber shamanism, challenges of AI, deep neuro-networks, deep learning, new internet vs. commercialization of net sharing values vs. open source culture digital detox, electronic music as spiritual technology with social power…

ART-IVISM: How art and creativity can serve activist campaigns, how music can be a weapon of peace.

If you feel the call don’t hesitate to write your proposal for a presentation, workshop, documentary or performance for the 2018 Liminal Village program by filling the application form HERE. You have time till 28 February 2018 23:59 GMT.

The full program will be announced in May, so make sure to stay tuned!

We as a community of Boomers are part of the solutions we have been waiting for!

With Love and Gratitude,
The Boom Team