Dear Boomers,

Right here, from the Boomland, we have a clear view of the mystical mountain of Monsanto. Historic records of human presence in these parts stretch back to Palaeolithic times.

We can’t help but wonder what our ancestors were doing across these lands: hunting by day, and singing songs around the fire at night under a star-pierced sky to the sound of drums or other instruments. It is likely they welcomed the spirits and that the whole community would unite for a dance.

During these times, perhaps a shaman would orchestrate the sounds and music. Meanwhile an elder would tell stories, inviting the whole community to participate in this collective ritual.

Today, in the exact same area, we celebrate the Boom Festival. We continue to honour festivals of transcendence on these lands. Instead of shamans, we have bands, DJs and live acts. Our storytellers are the lecturers or facilitators, and the community which gathers, is international. So we are not only from the area of Monsanto, but from across the entire world.

There was no lake back in those days - but yes, we continue to dance under a beautiful sky as the topography around us continues to change over time.

Dancers celebrate their life, their love, their sexuality; they discover the interconnectedness of existence. Many others worship through yoga, wellbeing practices, arts, workshops or meditation, while some are simply there to enjoy the moment, the people, the nature, the vibration - the Boom state of mind.

We know music and sound can affect tremendously our collective state of mind and have the power to connect us with mystical dimensions. A great DJ, a band or a producer can change the lives of people in a heartbeat. They are the ones capable of sharing emotions, understanding us and help direct us to a better place.

But the same can occur with great speakers, thinkers, activists, philosophers and spiritual guides. When in the hands of a master, the elements of emotion, reason and knowledge become the tools of spiritual communion.

Boom is not about a line up. We understand there is a certain thrill to knowing who will be playing at what stage and when. Who is playing? Who will talk at a lecture? Who will facilitate a workshop? Who will do the mind-blowing decor? It’s something we’ve all naturally become accustomed to hearing over the years. Yet Boom is also made of hidden treasures, small corners, detailed gardens, big art, mesmerising temporary architecture, stunning nature, eco projects, and a very specific human vibe...

The idea of communion is what drives us. There is no boundary between artist and audience; there are no headliners. The Boom experience is about being Boom, not just watching it. It is not about DJs.

We don’t deny that music and the rest of the official program are major totems of Boom. A lot goes into the curating the finest alignment of sounds across all four stages. We go far to give you a place to meet both established and new artists and speakers that work off the beaten track.

Yet we also acknowledge and appreciate that many program participants and Boomers understand that Boom is a multiverse, and that music is just one component of it. And that it also celebrates the limitless possibilities of art; taking us on a spellbinding journey through the practice of well-being, while nurturing us with a myriad of learning activities.

This multi-dimensional experience is reflected by a diverse cultural program. It is curated in areas like the Being Fields, the Liminal Village, the Eco Tech Hub and with the NGO Django, as well as at the Nataraj dance stage. Meanwhile Boom’s visual concept is projected by the magnitude of art installations across the site, and at the Museum of Visionary Art.

In 2016, we had a total of 895 music artists, performers, lecturers and dancers. Each and everyone of them contributed to a program that mixed both upcoming and underground projects with experienced and established ones; new breed vs old school, known territories vs uncharted creativity.

Co-creation is a modus operandi which allows Boom to be a space for artistic expression and freedom for its community. We invite all Boomers to bring forward their ideas and initiatives! Boom is a reflection of its own participants. It is possible to get involved in all areas of the festival - application forms can be found HERE.

We welcome and appreciate your passion and excitement for Boom 2018. The program will be announced before the festival to give you time to explore everything you will encounter at the Boomland during the full moon of July. Information about the program can be found HERE.

Until then, we will keep on looking to the magnificent mountain of Monsanto and imagining the communities of our forefathers living, loving, and worshipping life within these mystic lands.

With Love and Gratitude,
The Boom Team