Dear Boomers,

Boom Ambassadors sales are the last opportunity to get tickets for Boom Festival 2018. Today, we write to you to clarify how the process works so that both Ambassadors and Boomers may go through it smoothly.

So, who are the Boom Ambassadors?

Boom Ambassadors are Boomers spread across 40 countries all over the world, totalling 75 sales points that represent the festival. They sell Friendly Price, 2nd Phase Regular Price tickets and Boom Bus tickets.

Important Information:

  • The full list of Ambassadors and their respective information (contact, payment methods accepted and type of tickets available) will be released on 30 November. Please follow the information HERE;
  • The sales only start on 19 December;
  • It is not possible to make reservations in advance - ticket sales will happen on a first come-first served basis.
  • Boomers should contact the Ambassador located in the country where they currently reside. If you do not have an Ambassador in your country, please contact the one in the country nearest to you.

Please read the Ambassadors Tickets FAQ’s HERE. Please bear in mind that Boom Ambassadors have to deal with an astounding amount of pressure - making sure that every Boomer’s questions are answered in time and dealing with the sale of tickets.

With Love and Gratitude,
The Boom Team

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