Greetings Boomers!

Get ready for take off as we launch ticket sales to Boom this week.

Boom tickets will be launched in sync with the New Moon this Thursday 19 October, at 20h20 (8.20pm) Portugal time.

We’ve been working around the clock, planning and envisioning ideas for a magical Boom 2018.

Ticket sales symbolise the trust and bond between the Boom Team and Boomers and will support every element of festival production for Boom 2018.

And with this energy and support, we continue to set the most positive intentions right here at Boomland for the benefit of all, so that everyone and everything is charged with the highest degree of the love and consciousness vibration!

Boom 2018 Tickets Time Zones

Thursday 19 October 20h20 Portuguese Time

Lisboa and Porto: 20h20
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 21h20
Athens, Greece: 22h20
Bali, Indonesia: 03h20 (Friday 20 October)
Bangkok, Thailand: 02h20 (Friday 20 October)
Buenos Aires, Argentina: 16h20
Cape Town, South Africa: 21h20
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 23h20
Goa, India: 00h50 (Friday 20 October)
Maputo, Mozambique: 21h20
Melbourne, Australia: 6h20 (Friday 20 October)
Mexico City, Mexico: 14h20
Moscow, Russia: 22h20
Papua, New Guinea: 05h20
San Francisco, USA: 12h20
San José, Costa Rica: 13h20
São Paulo, Brazil: 18h20
Shanghai, China: 03h20 (Friday 20 October)
Tel Aviv, Israel: 22h20
Tokyo, Japan: 04h20 (Friday 20 October)


  • On 19th October 2017, 20h20 (8.20pm) To get Boom tickets, visit HERE
  • Everything you need to know about the Boom Ticket Price strategy is HERE
  • If you want to know more about the Friendly Price, go HERE
  • And if you want infos regarding Boom Ambassadors go HERE

Wherever you are in the world, together we will set the intention for an amazing Boom Festival 2018. And remember, whatever you wish to achieve, whatever obstacles you aim to overcome, meditate on this magic new moon on Thursday and visualise with the purest intention of your heart. And then, enjoy the journey as we countdown to Boom!

Tickets will be limited and it is likely they will sell out pretty fast. We advise you to think ahead.

Please note that ticket sales will take place over two phases. The second phase will begin as soon as tickets from the first phase are sold out.


Boom is financed by tickets, bars, accommodation services and the rental of space to shops, restaurants and cafes. These funds go straight into production and into building more facilities for greater comfort. They also help to pay off the loan we took to buy Boomland, manifest other ethical projects that we run parallel to Boom, and employ staff. In 2016, Boom employed 1,882 people, invited 895 artists and contributed a percentage of revenues to local NGOs.


This year we celebrate 20 years of Boom. The seed that was planted in the middle of a Portuguese forest two decades ago has bloomed into something beyond our wildest dreams. Since that time, it has continued to be nurtured by Boomers and is a reflection of the beauty of the collective conscience.

We feel immense gratitude for the evolving nature of this energy and thank you for making Boom what it is today. In celebration of this auspicious time, and to honour Boom’s 20 years on Planet Earth, the 2018 edition will feature some exciting new surprises...


Bring your hopes, visions, ideas and dreams to manifest in this fertile soil under a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE!

Yes, you heard correctly - Boom will take place under a total lunar eclipse! The moon will pass through the centre of the Earth’s shadow on Friday 27 July 2018. The maximum eclipse will take place at exactly 21:21 hours when it will be closest to the centre of the Earth’s shadow. It will be a very special Boom and we look forward to sharing the experience with you!


In an age of internet surveillance and disintegrating privacy, we are very aware of data-mining tactics used by e-ticketing corporations who build and sell databases for large sums of cash.

Over the last decade, this fact alone was the impetus that led us to develop our very own independent Boom ticket sales system.

It means we will protect your privacy by keeping your data confidential and will not sell it to any e-ticketing corporation. By teaming up with a new tech-savvy crew, we’ve also developed a system that irons out the issues experienced in 2016, and that will prevent them from occurring again. If you have any questions please feel free to reach us at [email protected]


Boom is a state of mind. It goes beyond the conventions of a festival and the constraints of subcultural stereotypes. It also goes above and beyond the line-ups, the artists, the superstar DJs and all that kinda’ jazz. It is a multi-sensory, heart-illuminating, soul-stirring experience inspired by the evolutionary dynamics of the collective consciousness.

It is also a portal designed to remind us of our humanity, compassion and love for each other. It is fertile soil for us all to plant the seeds of our ideas; to nourish and cultivate them, and to transform them into positive action in our everyday lives. Which means that each time we meet, we exchange those ideas for (r)evolution and bring out the best in each other. THIS is Boom! Stay true to your beautiful self. Come as you are. We look forward to meeting you HERE.


Boom is made by YOU! It is a reflection of the energy, spirit, beauty, art, wisdom and love that you bring to the festival. Without it, and without the support of Boomers and the contribution made by the tickets sold, it would not be possible to host and fund such an incredible celebration of life.

We are only the facilitators. You are the creators. For this, we are eternally grateful. Sending heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you beautiful Boomers.

May the light of love continue to shine in you!

With love and gratitude,
The Boom Team

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