Dear Boomers,

We are very happy and (a little bit) ecstatic to announce that the website for Boom 2018 is now offically launched!

Our communications team has been glued to the virtual backoffice over the last few months to get it right. Fresh colours, fastest load and a new soft amd ethereal design ethic inspire the website for Boom 2018.


It doesn’t come as any surprise for us to learn that in average more than 50 percent of visitors to the Boom Festival website navigate via mobile phones.

With this in mind, the 2018 site has been designed for easier navigation. And with its calming colour-scheme of purples, pinks, blues and greens - we hope it will deliver a blissful web-navigating experience too!

So in this mobile-friendly version, you can explore the Vision, newsfeed, Program, environmental eco projects, a multi-media documentation of the festival, the Boom Guide, how to Participate and of course - Ticket Info too.


Environment continues to be at the nucleus of our ethos. Nature has been kind to us: she’s blessed us with this paradise we can now call HOME - a natural beauty-spot we will help preserve and regenerate. It means only a certain number of people can reside on the site, so for this reason, there will be a limited number of tickets available to this edition of Boom. Tickets will be available on 19th October and more info will be shared on this topic before that date.


We believe in transparency, we would like to take this opportunity to bust a few myths about the decisions we make, our pricing strategy and the basis on which we work things out. Please visit the subsection, Tickets Info under the Tickets category on the website to read all about it, and stay tuned on our next newsletter where we will explain it further.


Our ticket pricing strategy reflects the economic realities of different countries. A limited number of ‘friendly price’ tickets will be available to certain countries and regions. Please visit the website to see the list of eligible countries.


Welcome Costa Rica! Nationals living in Costa are eligible for a free ticket to Boom. So if you happen to come from this beautiful part of the world, please get in touch with your ‘tico’ Ambassador in Costa Rica with proof of your residency and nationality so you can register to receive one of our guest country tickets.

Please note that Boom is a limited capacity event so there will only be a maximum of 500 guest country tickets available.


Children under the age of 13 can come to Boom for free - however, because of the extreme environment and loud music, we advise that you should not bring children under the age of three. The registration process will cost a grand total of €1. This is a really important process because it means we can locate your child in the event if he or she gets lost at the festival.


As always, we will be providing a Boom Bus charter service for a safe, comfortable and sustainable Boom experience. Single and return tickets from Lisbon and Madrid will be available from 19 October 2017. Check out the Boom Bus link on the website to make your reservation next month.


Boom is an all-year-round process and this time of year is always very exciting for the Boomers, for all team that make it happen, volunteers, artists, and friends.  

The launch of the website has been an amazing milestone in the timeline leading up to the moment we open those gates.  

At each milestone, we are reminded that the journey is as important as the destination - and there’s no doubt that we are all navigating this one together! :)

So let’s enjoy it! Let’s connect, communicate, share our thoughts, feelings, aspirations and ideas now and for the future. It’s your contribution to this whole process that makes Boom what it is: YOU bring the magic while Boom teams help to facilitate it.

On that note: do please visit the PARTICIPATE section of the website where you see how you can contribute towards yet another incredible Boom!

In the meantime, feel free to browse and explore the information we have presented on the new Boom website. Your feedback, thoughts and comments will be gratefully received.

Thank you for being part of the Boom journey.

With Love and Gratitude

The Boom Team

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