Autumn 2022 in Boomland hero image

Autumn 2022 in Boomland

And so goes Autumn in Boomland, full of blessings.

On one hand, we salute the much-needed rain that after an unquestionably dry and too hot Summer, decided to toast our land. It is also from the land that fruits begin to emerge — the quinces, for example, are so many that our kitchen at #BoomLand is already preparing delicious marmalades.

On the other hand, with less than a year to go for Boom Festival 2023, preparations are ongoing.

We are working hard to provide you with a festival that promises to be always better than the last one. There are still tickets available, visit our website to know more.

Finally, thank you for your endless support and immense love. Soon we will be celebrating together. Muito Obrigado.

(1) From land art, life arises
(2) Our vegetable gardens see no rest. TLC is permanent
(3) Our Welcome Area at the Being Fields, being prepped for the coming Winter
(4) Our production area abounds with fruit trees
(5) Tireless workers, tending to the needs of Boomland
(6) One of Boomlands Community Kitchens/Social Hub, in all its autumnal glory
(7) The Alchemy Circle from far, stripped of its vibrant colors
(8) Historically, marmalade was made from quince. The English word "marmalade" comes from the Portuguese word marmelada, meaning "quince preparation" (and used to describe quince cheese or quince jam; "marmelo" = "quince")
(9) Water is life. #savethedrop
(10) Central Plaza, Camping Area, and more of Boomland