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Liminal Village

Connect and co-create a new future with kindred activist spirits

Knowledge is power and it inspires the ethos of the Liminal Village where a gathering of dancing bodies also means a gathering of activated minds.

This 'conference' area was pioneered back in 2002 as a platform for presentations, master classes, discussion panels, lectures, workshops and documentaries. It has since become a space for engaging audiences with the ingenuity, thoughts, actions and projects of some of the world’s most powerful global voices.

The ‘Liminal’ - meaning the space in between - is a point of metamorphosis where transformation takes place and when visions crystalise into reality. 

There were over 206 hours of talks, discussions and conferences at the Liminal Village during Boom 2018. 

Liminal at Boom 2022 is inspired by the Anthropocene theme and will feature a plethora of thought-provoking films and discussions about some of the most important issues relevant to our existence as a species on the planet today.

Keep reading to learn about the Liminal Village 2022 theme.


Riding the Weird Wave


The weird in me recognises and bows down to the weird in you. 

Strange times we’re living in, right?

But it is likely that people thought the exact same thing when the light bulb was invented, or when World War I broke out, or even when early humans first ate magic mushrooms. 

Queens, Emperors, Scholars, Bishops, Blacksmiths, Architects, Bakers, Astronomers. Temperance, conviction, studiousness, frugality, precision, refinement, gusto, a sense of wonder. The traits entire generations aspired to. All contributing to the well-oiled bell-curve of quality. Human hubris led us to name this epoch the Anthropocene, crowning homo sapiens as the primary influence on ecosystemic states. Slowly we have worked as a species to build our societies into a temple of certainty, a source of all the answers, a pillar of stability.

Yet, as Octavia Butler writes, “All that you touch you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change. God is Change.” It is not easy to worship at the altar of impermanence. Religions were born to tell us what is right and what is wrong, and in the secular age politicians took over this role. Good versus evil, altruistic versus selfish, right versus left, normal versus abnormal. 

Then the covid-19 pandemic kicked off. The conversation of “what is normal?” went global. The desire to ‘go back to normal’ left most people with the realisation that whatever we thought normal was, in fact wasn't. This pandemic was a spotlight, exposing our hypocrisies, our weakness, our capacity for kindness as well as ruthlessness - warts and all. 

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   

The ceremony of innocence is drowned.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst 

Are full of passionate intensity."

Undertakers. Midwives. Fools. Prostitutes. Painters. Ravers. Entomologists. Psychonauts. Those who are more intimately acquainted with chaos and dynamic unpredictability, they are better versed in the languages of an uncertain tomorrow. Strangeness, paradox, surrealism, peculiarity, ambiguity, the weird. These are the traits and notions that characterise our world and they depend on nuance and subtleties and the infinite shades of complexity that go far beyond binaries we’ve been fed for centuries. 

The seductive simplicity of dualism no longer hits our g-spot. It fails to account for the pluralism we witness on a daily basis. The cognitive dissonance we’ve been conditioned in, is finally falling apart. 

Normality is a concept of the imaginationless. You aspire to be normal when you’ve been sterilised and lobotomized by normcore tyranny. “Normality is a paved road, it's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it”, said an artist who cut off his ear and took his own life, what did that misfit know? 

Perhaps he knew of liminal states. The vast in-betweens. The spaces of possibility and boundlessness. Our societies have often been portrayed as cancerous growths on the planet, but they can also be seen as pluripotent stem cells, still holding the capacity to differentiate into something entirely new, entirely different. “There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns”, Butler reminds us. But in order to get there we need to start vibing with paradox, we need to connect with strangeness and we need to learn how to ride that weird wave. 

This Liminal Village program is in the making since late 2019 and two majorly disappointing postponements. The delayed gratification has of course led to a buildup of excitement, and also a heightened awareness of non-attachment and levity. We will be celebrating weirdness, randomness and paradox and honouring the utterly mysterious mess that existence is.

(Selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags are not transcendental or psychedelic at all. Just the opposite. They represent the dark side of the Anthropocene, as they disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of Oneness.)