Winter 2021/2022 at Boomland (Part 1) hero image

Winter 2021/2022 at Boomland (Part 1)

A 1st photo report of our activities at Boomland during the cold season

The March Equinox came yesterday in the Northern Hemisphere. With the passing of Winter and the first days of Spring, Nature awakens to a new cycle that brings with it the promise of Life.

Explore the photo gallery to see, in order of appearance:

(1) Building new compost toilets & doing maintenance on the existing ones. In 2022 there is a 20% increase in compostable toilets, a landmark initiative that was started in Boom Festival 2006.

(2) Boomland panorama, taken from the Being Fields. This area is being expanded uphill, providing new meditation, yoga and contemplative havens.

(3) Reforestation at The Gardens (formerly known as Chill Out Gardens). Around 70 trees were planted this Winter. Since 2015 we’re developing a true biodiversity sanctuary: these native trees are better adapted to pests and the conditions of the local territory and they’re the refuge for native animal species that depend on them.

(4) Sheep, goats and donkeys, our resident quadruped friends. Together they contribute to a diversified ecosystem at Boomland.

(5) Renovation of our beloved natural infrastructure continues.

(6) 6 metres deep, with a capacity of 7 million litres of water, this contention basin is part of the new water treatment plant: an infrastructure that will allow us to process greywater from showers and return it to the soil, in a near future, allowing Boomland to be watered without the necessity of using clean potable water.

(7) We’re improving our backbone communications grid with an optical network to provide high-speed interconnection between all areas at Boomland.