Tickets to Boom 2021 Sold Out hero image

Tickets to Boom 2021 Sold Out

Tickets to Boom 2021 sold out in 1h30. Once again, an unyielding proof of trust

Tickets for Boom Festival are sold out. A million times Thank you, Muito Obrigado(a).

Tickets to Boom are limited, and demand considerably exceeds the supply. Today, 7 October 2019, tickets sold out in one hour and 30 minutes. We feel the frustration of Boomers who did not manage to get their ticket, however limited capacity is a necessity to preserve the intimacy of the festival, the comfort of those attending and the wellbeing of nature at Boomland.

We’re here if you need us. Fill in the contact form if you require any corrections or if you have questions you’d like us to clarify.

Having in mind what happened in the past, and taking into account all the feedback we've received since then, this year we adopted a brand new ticketing platform. What is more, this edition there is the possibility for Boomers to resell their tickets on a third-party platform - meaning there is another window of opportunity in sight. 

Heartfelt gratitude for this tremendous proof of your trust in Boom Festival.