TELÚRICA: A Sensorial Film about Boom 2018 hero image

TELÚRICA: A Sensorial Film about Boom 2018

Watch the full movie, now online

Today, on the Autumn Equinox, we're releasing the full Boom 2018 movie - entitled TELÚRICA (Portuguese for “being related to the earth”).

From elements of sacred geometry to the sounds and earthiness felt as we approached the full moon: the 30-minute film aims to ignite sensations experienced during the 2018 edition. 

As a sensorial film, it uses different techniques to tingle the senses: sound design based on samples and sound field recordings; photography to enhance the sense of land art and architecture based on a narrative pieced together with the cut and paste and re-editing techniques using lectures from the Liminal Village. Without making use of interviews, the script appeals directly to our senses on a liminal and subliminal way.

To grasp its full depth, we recommend watching it on full-screen with proper sound. Get comfy and enjoy the ride!