Spring 2022 at Boomland (Part 3) hero image

Spring 2022 at Boomland (Part 3)

Last of the season's photo report in anticipation as we count less than 50 days to Boom

When was the last time you visited nature? That you simply contemplated it in all its undeniable magnitude? Nature can be a wise teacher. At the most basic level, it will teach you about the actual physical environment that supports all life on this planet. Nature teaches us to be trule present and aware in daily life. All we have to do is sit quietly and observe our surroundings. 

But above all, it teaches us to adapt to changing conditions: Spring does not bloom all year round. Winter rain is important, Autumn winds are crucial for old leaves to give way to new flowers. Nature too must die in order to be reborn. And sometimes in life, so do we. 

Boomland has sprung into life and production is well underway for #BoomFestival ‘s 25th anniversary edition. 

Enjoy the last of this season’s photo report. 

(1) Fields of gold
(2) Azinheira, Oam hoak
(3) Colours of Spring
(4) The Gardens music stage blending perfectly with Nature
(5) Making the Torii Gates beautiful to welcome you 
(6) Land Art
(7) Boom Team meeting to prepare the 25th edition #BoomFestival2022
(8) New sprouts in our veggie garden
(9) Pônsul River
(10) Boomland at sunset, looking like a painting

Less than 50 days to Boom.