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Ravesilience: Converging the Underground

A special happening on 2 August to celebrate Boom 2020 dates

Now that we are fully amid the dates in which Boom 2020 was supposed to happen, we wish to honour our collective intention to be together by creating an online reflection space. It doesn’t mean that Boom is “replaced” by a kind of “virtual festival”.

We want to curate a program with good speakers, but we also wish to see you and hear you. And, mostly, we wish to speak about something that really matters to all of us, where “us” could be extended well beyond the Boom community.

We invite you to spend a few hours together on the Sunday when we would have been celebrating the Full Moon in the Boomland to join a much needed conversation that will be part group therapy, part nerding out, part collective visioning, part trippy television show and a quieter kind of revelling.

Ravesilience starts at 17h00 (Portuguese Continental Time) HERE

Among other contents, we'll host a pannel discussion with guest speakers from the festival and club scene worldwide to look back and reflect on the toll that this global disruption has taken on the independent event culture.


What are the personal and wider 'institutional'/political stories we can share? What’s the difference between the ways in which the commercial and the independent event production scenes have been impacted by the pandemic? Which are the main tools and strategies to keep art, music, dance and cultural events alive in the middle of immense uncertainty? Which regulations are we willing to comply with, to ensure both safety and freedom? How do we protect the vulnerable while maintaining diversity? Can spaces of total freedom exist in a reality dominated by an increase of regulations? How do we model resilience without compromising on values?


Pamela Schobeß, Chairperson Club Commission (Berlin, Germany)

Pamela studied communication sciences and has been working in the club industry in Berlin for more than 20 years. Since the inevitable closure of Icon club in gentrified Berlin neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg, she and Lars Döring are running the Kreuzberg (live) club Gretchen since autumn 2011 - on the so-called Dragonerareal. There she is the spokeswoman for the tradespeople and works with politicians to preserve the existing trade on the site.

Since the end of 2016 she is a board member of Berlin's clubcommission, since 2019 as the chairwoman. She is also a member of the IHK plenary assembly, the IHK committees for creative industries and urban development, the Supervisory Board of the Berlin Music Commission and the Advisory Board of the Berlin Musicboard. Parallel to club life, she worked for several years in media development cooperation - mainly in Africa.

Marco Element, Co-founder DM7 Bookings, Adhana Festival (Curitiba, Brazil)

Marco is a proud father and a husband, in love with life, nature, soccer, gastronomy and, especially, music. He’s a widely known Dj and a producer in the Brazilian psytrance scene and since 2013 with partner and brother Diogo Andrade he opened DM7 booking agency, now managing over 80 artists, covering events all over Brazil.

He is motivated by the possibility to use festivals to contribute to a better world, more just and balanced between the few who have so much and the many who have so little. In 2019 through a donation campaign he organised he managed to distribute more than 30 tons of food to the less affluent. Currently he is building Ravesilience by working at the release of their label and music school, to plant seeds for the future and bring security to the homes of artists who are vulnerable in these times. 

Tara Medina, Co-founder Strawberry Fields Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

Co-founder and producer of Strawberry Fields – a three day adventure in music and art with a wild Australian bush setting on the banks of the iconic Murray River. A law graduate and former management consultant, Tara’s passions are focused not only on the creative side of event production, but on continuing to push the boundaries of festivals as a platform for positive cultural and environmental change. 

Charlie Dolman, Director of Operations, Burning Man (Nevada, US)

Charlie has been involved in the alternative scene for over 20 years. He started his production life bringing artists and labels such as Tristan, Doof, Mark Allen, Hallucinogen, Flying Rhino, and TIP to parties in Newcastle in the north of the UK. From there, a trip to Solipse in Ozora led him to join Fish and the production team in Berlin for Solipse in Zambia.

After returning to the UK, he collaborated with various friends and colleagues to dream up, build, and launch the Secret Garden Party. In the following years Charlie produced brand experiences around the UK and the EU as well revamping and running the Lovebox Festival in London's Victoria Park, running arenas for Glade and Glastonbury Festivals, and starting the Wilderness Festival. It was during that time that Charlie participated for the first time in Burning Man.  

In 2012, Charlie moved to San Francisco to become Black Rock City's Operations Director and currently oversees all operational pieces of the event in the desert, including the health and safety, security, access control, civic infrastructure, community services, and art. As part of the organisation's Steering Group, he also works to ensure the community and culture of the event are moving forwards and are safe.

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Community generated and managed care and support resources:



  • Mariana Duarte Silva, Village Underground (Portugal)
  • Monique, Nano Bookings and Origin Festival (South Africa)
  • Naja Orashvili, Bassiani Club (Georgia)
  • Natig Ismayil, iN CLUB Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • Robbe Van Bogaert, Eventsure (Belgium)
  • Ruth Herbert, Noisily Festival (UK)
  • Rojeh Khleif, Haifa Independent Film Festival and Radio Alhara (Palestine)


We've also created a community page to share initiatives that contribute to cultivating Ravesilience. There you can find crowdfunding campaigns, community support initiatives, grassroots projects to share resources and requests for any kind of help. Check the links already available and reach out if there’s other initiatives you’d like to see published.

Thank you for your support.

We look forward to being with you. Together we cultivate Ravesilience!