News Wastewater Treatment Plant to #SaveTheDrop hero image

News Wastewater Treatment Plant to #SaveTheDrop

Boomland is home to new retention basin & pipeline to support regeneration efforts

On 16 February 2022, 99.4% of Portugal is under drought. Villages that were submerged for decades are now entirely visible. Some hydropower dams are temporarily on halt to preserve water.

In 2018, the Boomland dam reached a minimum of 10% storage. A terrible scenario. In the country water scarcity, poor management of the resource and the focus on intensive agriculture that requires more water add to the problem.

With this reality in mind, part of our efforts have been dedicated to the construction of a new onsite wastewater treatment plant that can store up to 7 million litres of water. 

This means we can treat almost 100% of the water consumed at Boom Festival.

After treatment, these grey waters will be used for irrigation and support our regeneration/reforestation efforts at Boomland.

As Boomers, you play a key part,  help us #SaveTheDrop, with the following tips:

  • Shower water will be limited for some hours. Check the running times at the showers, be patient, this measure is for the greater good; 
  • Please only use organic products in the showers to ensure the water retrieved is as clean as possible;
  • Never use shampoo or soap in the lake. And never do your bio needs in the water. Take care of Nature and Boomland.

See you at Boomland!