Improvements at Boomland during Summer of 2020 hero image

Improvements at Boomland during Summer of 2020

Covid-19 didn't stop us from making Boomland better for you

The announcement of the rescheduling of Boom 2020 to the summer of 2021 triggered a series of events in the multiverse Boom. During the summer months of this rather unusual year, exciting changes have been happening onsite to host the community in the future. 

Our goal? To prepare this outstanding transformational space in nature for the Boomers expected to arrive on 22 July 2021.

We had to lay out a comprehensive health protocol and guidelines to ensure we were complying with the pandemic. Small teams working in different shifts across the 150 hectares that make up Boomland have been working onsite since April 2020. 

A team of builders, architects, artists, health professionals and production members was put together to carry out this noble mission: to improve the land to host the Boom community.

See the video below, the map and the list of improvements.


Daily life amenities such as toilets and showers have increased or been rebuilt with a whole new approach in terms of materials. We are showcasing brand new products from the recycling world and applying them to toilets and showers: recycled car interiors and recycled plastic were used in 112 showers and 94 toilets. In some cases they have been relocated for easier acessibility. A new set of urinals has been added near the Dance Temple and the Alchemy Circle to meet Boomers' bio needs.


We are very thrilled to present the output of a collaborative work done with portuguese architects and the Boom Team in the next edition! Since July 2019 we have been working closely under the Anthropocene theme to design wooden architecture with fluid shapes, contemporary design, functionality, and a positive message. During the summer we've been (literally) laying the groundworks for both the Chill Out Gardens and the Alchemy Circle music stages. Both have groundworks ready to welcome their respective wooden ephemeral structures. 


We went to the beautiful Japanse Shinto tradition to get inspiration for new Boomland installations. The torii gates traditionally stand at the entrance of sacred precincts and mark the passage from the mundane world into a sacred space, thus symbolising transition and transformation. Inspired by this, the Main Gate, Walking Gate, Goa Avenue, and the Dance Temple are now home to the brand new Boomland Torii Gates!  


In 2021 we're introducing a new meditation area, the Samadhi. It's right in the Being Fields and overlooks the lake, providing meditating Boomers with a stunning view over the sunset. And there's more! The Being Fields area now also extends up a hill to from where you'll be able to contemplate the magnificent landscape. As for the camping area, it has been augmented to give Boomers extra space to pitch their tents. 


Water is scarse, especially in Portugal. In early 2020 we faced a drought that took the water level below 20 per cent of its full capacity. To improve Boomland's regeneration we are building a brand new challenging wastewater system. A new pipeline is being installed to bring the grey waters from showers straight to a basin, where they'll be treated to be used for irrigation.

Boomland is more ready than ever to welcome you back!