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Danceflooralgia #1

A virtual “therapy session” for raveless ravers on 29 Dec. at 21h00 CET

Are you finding the adjustment to a raveless reality genuinely painful? Are you missing the feverish excitement of getting lost in a crowd of swaying bodies? Are you yearning for contact with friends, strangers and the extended rave family? Are random repetitive sounds triggering fond memories of standing way too close to that massive speaker? Are you dreaming of dancing with strangers on dry dusty fields below bamboo constructions or in sticky industrial basements? Do you miss touch, fluid exchange and litres of sweat (not just your own) covering every inch of your skin?

Do you feel your mental health has been compromised as a result of this sudden separation? Are you finding some solace in these live streaming options or are you judging the bedroom dancers super hard? Would your way of celebrating the calendar’s end be alongside other ravers on a long-time favourite or new, soon-to-be-discovered dancefloor?

If you answered with a resounding YES to three or more of these questions, consider joining us for a virtual (yes, all we can goddam do still) gathering of fellow ravers around the world, to share what we’re missing and find comfort in each other’s company, group sharing has some healing properties - hopefully. We are looking for any excuse to connect with other ravers and talk about our danceflooralgia, this painful, heavy emptiness we’re feeling, because a major part of who we are has been postponed indefinitely. It’s not just a party. It’s an essential space for expression, congregation, education, transgression, ingestion, action, reaction, distraction, and attraction.

Come Zoom with us, raveless ravers united!  

Tuesday, 29 December at 21h00 CET come join us in your favourite dancefloor costume (or your favourite pijamas). We will share a Zoom link for a 2 hour unrecorded, one-off, unmissable online meet up for raveless ravers. 

And stay tuned for updates on Danceflooralgia #2, a new Liminal Podquest coming up soon where we will dive deeper into the nature of this raveless reality with dancefloor nerds, researchers, DJs and much more...



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Pasword: 021229



This silent summer, in the wake of widespread festival cancellations and club closures, we coined the term, Ravesilience, a coupling of rave (wild, free, frenzied, fiery expression of pleasure) and resilience (the ability to resist or adapt to challenges). In other words, Ravesilience is the adaptability, toughness, elasticity and endurance of the spirit of rave that bounces back no matter the obstacle. 

To maintain a connection to the community of audiophiles and bass junkies, to create virtual group therapy spaces while the Covid continues to prevent reunions on dancefloors, to nerd out over the ins and outs of festival production, to politicise the scene and spark debate (because commercial and independent event productions have been impacted very differently by the pandemic), to explore the tools and strategies to keep art, music, dance and cultural events alive in the middle of immense uncertainty. 

To achieve some of these things, we are producing podcasts, hosting virtual meet-ups, writing articles, sharing content, generally facilitating the exchange of ideas, vibes and values. 

These are just some of the ways in which we want to continue interacting with the international rave community and uplift this counterculture subculture that deviates from the mainstream monoculture.