Boomland Reforestation Update hero image

Boomland Reforestation Update

The latest Boomland news entail 70 trees ready to be planted back in the soil

The picture above is of the 70 trees we have in our vegetable garden, ready to be planted back into the earth. They pertain to three different species - Acer pseudoplatanus, Betula celtiberica and Populus nigra - which were chosen for their ability to adapt to the local climate.

Repopulating the land with trees is a great way of replenishing degraded ecossystems, increasing biodiversity, combating soil erosion, and capturing pollutants from the atmosphere. Other benefits include providing shade and a home to the land’s inhabitants - both humans and animals - as well as embellishing the landscape.

Planting a tree is a simple yet highly significant action towards regeneration. The Boomland Reforestation program keeps on thriving thanks to festival ticket revenues, so thank you for contributing to a regenerative Anthropocene.