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Boomland Keeps Shining For You

A glance at Boomland in Spring, Boomstream and Being Camp 2021 are all part of this update

Springtime at Boomland has passed. When we look at this picture of a sunset, we forget about the divisions that Covid-19 created in the world. Concepts such as freedom, fear, health, democracy, right of assembly, prefixes such as pro- and anti-; this phase of the Anthropocene challenges some of the axioms we took for granted in modern culture.

While we remain restrained from opening the Boom gates, we keep working for the community on several projects. Here’s a quick recap!



As has been our practice during the pandemic, we compiled images of each season to give you a taste of what happens day after day at Boomland. Press play to see some of the ongoing upgrades: the stunning biomimetic architectural work at the Chill Out Gardensmore trees; the final works for the new wastewater treatment plantamong many other things. All of this is done with a lot of love and dedication, for the whole Boom community.




How to mark the dates of Boom 2020/21 this year? After presenting Ravesilience in 2020, this year we put our efforts into combining nature with music, visual and performing arts.

At the moment, we are in the post-production phase of an audiovisual show, featuring Atmos, Avalon, Boundless, Code Therapy, Datagrama Visuals, Delta Process, Dirty Saffi, Kokeshi, Menog, Nuky, Yestermorrow, Ulvae and Zen Baboon.

Broadcasting on Boom (BroadcastSocial and Video) and Unite channels, by the end of July 2021 you will witness the birth of a new psychedelic dimension in the world of streaming. Stay tuned!




Your support has been awe-inspiring. Thank you very much. Not making Boom for two consecutive years raises complex challenges; at the same time, we’re sensitive to the economic condition of many Boomers. Here’s a wrap up of the ticket situation to this date:

  • TicketSwap: If you can’t make it to Boom 2020/22, a decentralised ticket purchase/sale platform, TicketSwap, is available since 3 May 2021Follow this link for more information about tickets.
  • Boom 2020/22 Ticket Purchase: We know just how frustrating it can get for some Boomers who are unable to get their tickets via TicketSwap. Ticket purchase, sale and refunds are parallel processes. We’ll provide more news on this topic in mid-August.


We live in times of crisis and separation. We must create environments for reconnection between human beings and nature. Produced by the Boom Festival team, inspired by the Being Gathering, we’re launching the Being Camp: a camping experience of well-being, limited to 250 people, showcasing a plethora of activities for the body, mind and spirit.

It is not a mini-Being Gathering nor a mini-Boom, but rather an adaptation of the Being concept in times of pandemic. Its intention is to convey a message of connection to the Earth and to our common essence.

The Being Camp takes place from 30 July to 15 August 2021 and all the information is available on this website. On SocialPhotos and Video you can find the links to its social networks.


We wish to thank the whole community for your unconditional support amid these complex times. Until we meet again, stay in the loop by keeping up with the Boom Toolkit for Covid-19, the Liminal Podquests and the updates we frequently release on our communication channels.

Be on the lookout for a new dimension of streaming all the way from Boomland, coming in late July 2021 - so that we may relieve memories in times that call for reframing concepts.

Cultivate Freedom & Love.