Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #4: An Indigenous Leader's Perspective hero image

Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #4: An Indigenous Leader's Perspective

Pat McCabe Addresses Ancestral Lifestyles and Sacred Activism In the Pandemic

We keep witnessing the rise of extremism, a sheer proof of disrespect towards human beings. As we experience this pandemic, and as we stand before the scourge of continuous ignorance, manifesting itself in oppressive ways, it is becoming evermore pressing to listen to indigenous wisdom.

In this sense, we spoke to Patricia McCabe, (Weyakpa Najin Win, Woman Stands Shining), an indigenous leader of the Diné (Navajo) tribe. As a ceremonial leader, international speaker and voice for global peace, she addresses ancestral lifestyles, sacred activism and her feelings towards this peculiar moment in time.

The Anthropocene context in which we're living calls for reflection, sensing, and seeking knowledge. Boom Festival, and especially at the Liminal Village and the Being Fields, nurtures places in which we look at the world and explore new models. As such, we are approaching various thinkers, doers, planners, celebrators and changemakers to share their insights about the present and the future.