Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #3: Insights from a Scientist hero image

Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #3: Insights from a Scientist

Zach Mainen, PhD, sheds light on the pandemic from within the sciencific community

In the last decade we've seen countless movements and world leaders discredit science from a variety of angles. Now, faced with an unparalleled pandemic which has paralysed the globe and redefined the course of our individual and collective lives, it is to the scientific community that mankind turn to for answers.

The Anthropocene context in which we're living calls for reflection, sensing, and seeking knowledge. Boom Festival, and especially at the Liminal Village and the Being Fields, nurtures places in which we look at the world and explore new models. As such, we are approaching various thinkers, doers, planners, celebrators and changemakers to share their insights about the present and the future.

Zachary Mainen, PhD, founding director of Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, previous co-director of Champalimaud Research and present director of the Systems Neuroscience Lab in Lisbon, Portugal, shares with us some insights from within the scientific community.