Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #15: Lack of Biodiversity & Covid-19 hero image

Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #15: Lack of Biodiversity & Covid-19

Looking into Nature and ancient practices with ethno-conservationist Adjany Costa

“Everything that we touch comes back to us. Period.”

With ethno-conservationist and co-founder of the Mukissi Foundation, Adjany Costa, we look into the importance of nurturing a balanced relationship with Nature, what ancient practices and rural African communities can teach us, and how biodiversity intersects with the many facets of our lives amid the pandemic.

This series is a compilation of perspectives to support Boomers in making up their own minds in an informed and comprehensive way. Boom Festival, and especially at the Liminal Village and the Being Fields, nurtures places in which we look at the world and explore new models.

As such, we are approaching various thinkers, doers, planners, celebrators and changemakers to share their insights about the present and the future in this pandemic of the Anthropocene.