Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #11: Mental Health in the Music Industry Amid a Pandemic hero image

Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 #11: Mental Health in the Music Industry Amid a Pandemic

Mental Health as approched by music industry focused psychologist Rosana Corbacho 

A UK study found that, of the 71.71 per cent of performing artists suffering of anxiety attacks, and of the 68.5 per cent suffering from long-term depression, only 30 per cent seek professional help. Suicide attempts are twice as high in the entertainment industry as in the general population, as stated in a study conducted in Australia.

As the pandemic brutally impacts the music industry worldwide, we talked to clinical and humanistic psychologist Rosana Corbacho, who founded the MI_Therapy (Music Industry Therapy) organisation to encourage the use of psychology in the music industry and festivals in general. In this eleventh webisode of the Boom Toolkit for Covid-19, we get her insights on mental health issues and figures within the electronic music industry, practical tips for DJs, producers and musicians to deal with the pandemic, as well as insights on the role of events in raising awareness towards this topic.

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