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Boom Festival Bazaar: A Brand New Project

The Covid-19 motivated us to kick off a new project to support small producers, brands and craftspeople

The Boom Festival Bazaar is born amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It disrupted economies all around the world, and shined a light on the fragility of the current economic system and supply chains. It also made clear the precarious situation of small producers and of independent culture. 

A whole independent culture is at risk and the need for a new model is more important than ever.

Therefore Boom Festival developed a brand new collaborative project with small producers and craftspeople. Inspired by the festival’s flea market, and the wide array of artists within Boom community, we launched an online marketplace.

The Bazaar is based on nine responsibility principles. To be a member of the community is to abide by at least two of these principles. This drives the Bazaar’s policy, which ensures: products are ethically sourced, workers are fairly paid and items are made with a standard of high qualityAt the date of launch, on 28 July 2020, it counted 41 brands and a total of 480 responsibly made products.  

The intention is to practise an alternative way of trading products within a community of like-minded beings, thus contributing to the creation of a new economic model.

By doing so, we want to create a non-mainstream system, based on responsible supply chains, with the well-being of people and planet at the very core. Our ultimate aim is to inspire a responsible lifestyle.

This is an open community project that you can also be part. We're on the look.out for cutting-edge projects and pro-purpose individuals that resonate with our purpose and principles: Join Us.

Together We #ChooseTomorrow