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Boom 2021: What We Know So Far

What have we been up to? In what context can Boom happen in 2021? Read on


Uncertainty has become ever-present. This pandemic is making us experience hope, despair and catharsis in a matter of seconds. 

Portugal is going through the harshest peak of the pandemic so far. A recent newsletter from a portuguese newspaper dating the 10 February 2021 was titled “A normal summer? Not in 2021…”. The affirmation is self-explanatory. It follows a statement by vaccination plan coordinator Henrique Gouveia de Melo: “Without herd immunity, our summer will not be normal. Perhaps we may be able to relax restrictions slightly, but precautions will remain in place”.

While navigating these uncertain waters, with an open mind and your unconditional support, we would like to openly communicate our thoughts and efforts. 

Here are our updates regarding the production of Boom Festival, since our last newsletter:

  • We’re continuing our efforts to realise the 2021 edition;
  • We have joined several associations of cultural promoters to discuss the comeback of festivals with national decision-makers. The concept proposed to Portuguese political institutions is that of festivals as sanitary bubblesmasks and social distancing would not be required; entry upon submitting evidence of a negative Covid-19 test or taking one at the gates would be required; vaccination wouldn’t be required; however, entry would be guaranteed with evidence of vaccination. This proposal, presented to the Ministry of Culture and the national healthcare authorities, DGS, aims to establish the necessary conditions to bring culture back. So far, there has not been an official response as to whether this proposal can be accomplished. 
  • We are facing the present situation with a realistic mindset: if we can’t make Boom Festival take place in 2021, we will organise other, smaller events at Boomland.

Boomers from 175 countries/territories were expected to attend the 2020/2021 edition. We’re well aware of the importance of planning this trip ahead of time - and thus it is our utmost priority to inform you if the festival will take place in 2021.

We must first and foremost guarantee your health, sanitary safety and freedom, in tandem with your access tickets and the safety of acquired services. 

This is the basis upon which we’ve established the boundaries to make Boom happen in 2021 and without the following prerequisites, it will not be possible to construct adequate conditions to realise the festival this summer:

  • Physical distancing and masks mustn't be necessary: can you imagine dancing at the Dance Temple, Alchemy Circle or at the Sacred Fire, amid a crowd of people using masks? Impossible;
  • It must be possible for the worldwide community to be present;
  • There must be clear protocols, issued by the Portuguese national health authorities, on how to deal with festivals: there are none to this date;
  • The vaccine must not be mandatory to enter the festival. We believe taking the vaccine is an individual choice. However, testing negative for Covid-19 or taking such a test on-site this year would guarantee entry;
  • It must be possible for us to start building new structures at Boomland from 1 April, alongside the international art & architecture team.

This is where we’re at. Until our next newsletter, make sure to tune in to the Liminal Podquests, the Boom Toolkit for Covid-19Unite - Let the Music Unite Us, and to join the Boom Festival Bazaar community.

Let us remain positive and united. Soon we’ll be dancing together at Boomland!