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Boom 2020 Ticket Dates

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Dear Boomers,

Feels like it was just yesterday. It was the last day of  Boom 2018; the sunset brought a sense of euphoria as vibrant pink and red hues swept across the skies, bouncing off the lake and casting a magnificent light across the site…

The impact of this live light show and memory of 2018 continues to resonate in our hearts. Yet of course, the wheel of Samsara continues to rotate… Fourteen full moons have passed since then and we can feel the call of Boom 2020 ahead.

Already so much has happened: the theme for the next edition, Anthropocene, has been confirmed. We’ve taken the spirit of the Boom Karuna Project to Africa, and the ticket launch dates are finally set. It seems we’ve got a lot of catching up to do… Let’s read on!


One of the most frequent questions we hear is: ‘When do tickets go on sale?’

As you know, Boom is corporate brand-free zone and the event’s survival depends on ticket sales alone. This funds the production of the festival, daily life at Boomland and the dozens of people who work each day, month after month. It is thanks to your support that all this is. It is because of your ticket and your trust that it can happen at all.


This is to ensure there is a positive equilibrium between nature and the number of people on site. Please keep in mind that we’ve had sold out every edition since 2014. Therefore, we strongly advise you to plan ahead. The dates are as follows:


Ambassador regular tickets and ambassador friendly tickets will be released a few days before Online tickets. This is to make sure that Boomers who couldn’t get tickets via Ambassadors can still get them otherwise.  You will have a full guide regarding tickets in a dedicated newsletter in the upcoming months.

Once again, heartfelt gratitude for all your support and love every edition. We feel you everyday. Stay updated by connecting to our online and social media channels. More news coming your way next full moon. Until then we’ll be working on the new website, having vision meetings with the crew while also doing the post-production of the sensorial film about Boom 2018. And the list goes on...

Cultivate Freedom and Love,

Boom Team

*This newsletter was edited on 02/09/2019. To read the original text, check our Newsletter Archive.