Making Soil from 2018 Toilets hero image

Making Soil from 2018 Toilets

Boom 2018 compost from the 378 toilets is being retrieved and returned to the land

The first ever composting toilets to be introduced at Boom date from 2006. 

In this picture (taken today) you can see part of the compost retrieved from Boom 2018 toilets. More specifically, this compost comes from 16 tanks from which we retrieved around 3,800 kg of compost. Before going back to the earth, the compost is analysed in a lab.

The process of retrieving compost from the 378 toilets around Boomland is ongoing. Once finished, it will serve to create soil.

This is how a festival can impact the planet in a direct and regenerative way, as it uses environmental technology like composting toilets to enrich the surrounding nature.

You all contributed to creating this nutrient-packed, organic resource which is being returned to the land. Thank you.