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The Anthropocene in the Boom Program

2022 theme is expressed in happenings, concepts, reflections, activities & shows

“In the Anthropocene there are no disinterested observers; there are only participants."

John Green

The Anthropocene, named by Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer, is a reference to a geological era marked by human action that has profoundly impacted the Earth. 

Positive human action is needed, there can be no dichotomy between the planet and humankind: together we are better and stronger.

In A Servant to Servants poet Robert Frost notably wrote, “the best way out is always through”. John Green, author of The Anthropocene Reviewed, not only agreed with Frost but also added, “The only way through is together.

Inspired by the world around us, we established the Anthropocene theme for the 2020 edition before the pandemic broke. The topic is now increasingly relevant.

 For the Boom Festival 25th anniversary edition we are expressing it through our official program via various happenings, concepts, reflections, activities and shows

Do you want to know how? Read on to discover more about the 25th anniversary edition program:

  • With its capacity for tens of thousands of dedicated trance dancers at the Dance Temple we are celebrating humanity. The Anthropocene truly converges there, where we come together with 105 hours of music and 60 acts. We are expanding the area with a restaurant, two bars, one café, snacks and açaímore sitting areas, one first-aid dome with medical and Kosmicare services, a giant public art installation where syncretism meets galactic imagination, and the Playground.
  • The Sacred Fire is a space for reconnection and grounding. It is a forest of wonder containing hidden treasureswhere land art meets world music, which you’ll experience as you stroll around. There is also a workshop area focused on practical skills and the highly successful Mud ExperienceStarting on 22 July, expect 20 concerts and seven DJ sets for the whole festival, plus 131 hours of workshops in that highly organic environment surrounded by nature. The good part? There is time for everything as well as six vegetarian and vegan restaurants, an organic bio marketa bar, one café, and a concept bar with exclusively local native grapes
  • With its biomimetic architecture related to The Anthropocene theme, the Alchemy Circle's new wooden architecture appears beautiful on the landscape. The surrounding area has been expanded by one hectare to improve your comfort, leading to the reorganisation of the Bazaar: there is now a bigger area for you all to relax in.

  • An exquisite exhibit of curiosities spanning over six hectares to exploreThe Gardens is a carefully curated sanctuary within the sanctity of Boomland. It's a place to slow down and explore the beauty that blossoms, from nature to electronics, and sonic to visual expressions of the self and the whole.

    A new garden-stage, the Avant-Gardens, will provide more live performances and a much more dynamic and interactive area. Be wondered about the new hidden treasures at the gardens and the new Hotel…

    And, of course, get ready for a feast of eclectic electronica for the ears, eyes and soul. More precisely: 104 hours and a half of music and 48 acts.
  • This edition’s theme for the Liminal Village is Riding the Weird Wave, which invites us to recognise and bow down to the weird in one another. By all means available to them, facilitators and keynote speakers will be sharing their visions over a program that includes 142 hours and a half of talksdiscussions, conferences, documentaries and/or provoking films around the main theme. The Liminal Village program will be starting on 22 July and running until 18h00 on 29 July
  • Part of the extended Liminal Village, the NGO Dome is the place where organisations that pursue social change and ecological transition meet. Via workshops and presentations, 15 independent and/or non-governmental organisations will present their contribution to a better world. Come awaken the activist within and take this chance to meet other rebels too!
  • Feel the ancient magic of rhythmic movement and its capability to push limits at the Nataraj Stage Dance. Get ready for 30 hours of traditional and contemporary dance shows that will turn into workshops. Meet the performers from the night before and practise some awesome new grooves while being amazed by their outstanding moves.

  • We need humans to be more in tune with their home planet for a regenerative Anthropocene. That’s why the Being Fields now has a new meditation spacethe Samadhi. Whether you're looking for one of the 161 workshops — such as the sessions at Chi Temple or Prana Shala —, or want to book some therapy — from reiki, tantra and spiritual guidance to herbal medicine, massage or acupoint healing — the Welcome Area is there to support you and give you any information you need. If you are more into a sound journey, there will be nothing less than 16 available.

    restaurant area stands close by with shade structures for you to rest under while you munch on a tasty vegetarian meal. The Herbal Elixir Bar or the Vegetarian Chai Shop are the perfect combination to keep you in the moment.

    A brand new area is waiting for you up the hill, providing a panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings from the new swales and new natural amphitheatre.

    The Being Fields will offer you 419 hours and half of pure peace of mind.

  • “Children are human beings to whom respect is due”, said the education philosopher, Maria Montessori. That's why at Boom they have the Young Dragons. A special place with natural playgrounds, 45 workshops, movement activities and more, in a total of 155 hours of activities. A restaurant will provide the youngest with yummy food and natural fruit juices. There are four assistants to help you or your kids whenever needed.
  • Performances are taking a whole new stance. From the most classic concepts of dramatisation to immersive interventions, circus, dance and artistic residencies, we want to raise questions rather than answering them. 170 performers will amaze you with 208 hours of theatre in its simplest form: open air, in the public space. A novelty this year includes some theatre plays out there in the fields.
  • Looking for biker mates? Get your fantastic self down to Bike Village. If you cycled to Boom and saved loads of CO2 emissions, then you’ve got to head down to the Bike Village to meet the other eco-warriors who did exactly the same thing.

  • For the 25th edition we are deep diving into merging psychedelic art with live painting and the novel realms of digital. Curation of the artworks at Envisionary Art Lounge is based on this year’s festival theme, The Anthropocene. An absolute must-see.

Although the program is continuously updated as we journey closer towards the festival dates, there are some interesting facts that we think you might enjoy.


  1. Boom has 21 official stages (all of different sizes and concepts).
  2. The Dance Temple has nothing less than 6000 square metres of covered area. Big enough?
  3. There will be 1.5 million watts of amplified sound and 100 power amplifiers. How does that sound?
  4. Over 300 d&b Audiotechnik sound speakers are divided into nine stages: concerts, live acts, djs, theatre, performances, happenings, sound journeys, therapy sessions, conferences, lectures, among others.
  5. And of course, more than 60 technicians are needed to make it possible.
  6. Artists will arrive from 46 countries from around the world.
  7. The program is made of 544 artists181 facilitators69 assistants and 100 therapists. A total of 894 people will lead the Boom 2022 program. We’d like to thank all of them for sharing their talent with the community.
  8. Because we support the local culture, arts and well-being scenes, we present Portuguese artists/facilitators/therapists to the worldwide community: Portugal is the most represented country with 297, followed by the UK with 92 and Germany with 41.
  9. Did you know that we put 300 cubic metres of sand on the Dance Temple and 230 at the Alchemy Circle for you to dance comfortably and without dust?
  10. Unfortunately some artists have to cancel their shows for each edition of Boom. For this edition the pandemic has changed several artists’ plans: check the list of cancelled artists and their announcements for the Boom community.

Did you know that Boom is a 100% independent and zero sponsors festival? Which means that it is through ticket sales that things happen. That could also mean that what you pay is what you get. But it doesn’t because we can assure you — and all the numbers above speak from themselves: you will surely get much more

As the countdown continues, there’s still much more to come. Stay tuned and make sure you check our website, social media and newsletters.

And never forget that Boom is not the usual festival experience: selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags disconnect you from your inner self and the others around you. They represent the dark side of the Anthropocene, as they disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of Oneness.

May we be together with love and peace at Boomland.