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99 Days to Go & What to Know

Scan the list to find some important innovations that'll help you have a better Boom

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
Leo Tolstoy

It’s true, it appears that Boom is actually happening in 2022! Patience is, indeed, a virtue. It is said that good things come to those who wait, but the truth is, great things come to those who work for it. And we have been working for it. With Boomers on our minds, daily.

We’ve been working hard to make Boom 2022 the sum of all of the festivals that we couldn’t celebrate over the past two years. Let’s say we’ve turned the world’s pandemic issue into a virtue. A virtue for our Boomland that, in a way, had the chance to get more nurtured and better prepared to receive you all.


Now that there are just 99 days left until the big day, the 25th anniversary of Boom, we’re delighted to share some exciting news with you. But also innovations and numbers which are the summation of what we have been doing over the last couple of years to make this The Edition. We all deserve that, right?

 Scan the list below to learn about some of the improvements we’ve been doing to help you have a better Boom:


  • We’re expanding the many therapies available; check them out at Being Fields and the Sacred Fire.
  • We’re using wood from Boomland trees to redesign the new Sacred Fire music stage scenography.
  • We’ve upcycled the 2018 Chill Out Gardens music stage to make a beautiful bamboo pagoda that’s now the Welcome Area at the Being Fields.
  • We’ve built a brand new Alchemy Circle: a 37 x 63 metre semi-permanent wooden, biomimetic, human heart-shaped structure.

  • We’re continuing to innovate the art world: since 2002 Boom has curated a visionary art gallery with world-class artists and contributed to the promotion of this artform. In 2022 we’re exploring uncharted territories as our gallery goes into the realm of blockchain digital arts. Expect the usual live painting alongside VR, interactive zones, generative arts, augmented reality, proof of stake protocols, and much more. Check it out at the Alchemy Circle.
  • We’ve expanded the overall Alchemy Circle area by 1 hectare to improve your comfort, leading to the reorganisation of the Bazaar (former Flea Market) with a bigger area for you all to relax in.
  • We’ve renamed the Chill Out Gardens to The Gardens to honour the area’s broader concept of the interaction between nature, performance and the arts.
  • We’ve built a brand new music stage at The Gardens. A beautiful imposing yet stunning semi-permanent wooden structure that blends with the natural landscape at Boomland.
  • There is a new spontaneous stage at The Gardens: the Avant-Gardens. Expect more live performances and a much more dynamic and interactive area.

  • We’ve upgraded the Boom 2018 Chill Out Hotel to this edition’s themeThe Anthropocene. Focused on the critical issue of rising waters, this interactive artwork is now called the Water Hotel and can be found by the lakeshore.
  • There are new Torii Gates at the festival entrance and throughout Boomland. The Japanese Torii serves as a boundary: once you walk through the Torii Gate, it means that you’ve entered a sacred, special space away from the mundane world.
  • We’re launching new technology on harm reduction. Within the remit of the Portuguese drug decriminalisation law and hosted by the independent Kosmicare Association, there is a new drug-testing area at the Central Plaza using new methods to minimise waiting times. Drugs are illegal in Portugal yet the forward-thinking decriminalisation law allows harm reduction protocols to support a broader public health policy.
  • We’re expanding the running times of some areas: restaurants at the Central Plaza will run until 16h00 on 29 July and the program at the Liminal Village will be running until 18h00 on 29 July.
  • We’ve created more shade and seating areas around the festival.
  • We don’t encourage the pirate market. In recent years the pirate market has taken over roads, seating areas, public spaces and even destroyed century-old stonewalls. If it happens, in 2022 the pirate market is limited to a demarcated location.
  • There’s more space for camping: we are expanding by 13.6 hectares for your comfort and well-being.
  • We’ve selected the final number of restaurants across five areas, with three in the Central Plaza, one in the Sacred Fire and one in the Being Fields. There will be 50 food vendors and chai shops with delicious worldwide food - all with a conscious approach.
  • And there’s still much more to come! Stay tuned and make sure you check our website, social media and newsletters.


There’s no turning back now: Boom 2022 is real and on its way. The festival setup and work at the Boomland has never stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In April, more crew members are coming to live and work at Boomland. If you would like to come and work or volunteer to join our team, the application deadline is 30 April - so you still have time to get involved and co-create the festival with us.

Let’s celebrate the 25th anniversary of Boom together. Let the countdown begin!