2022 Sheds a Light on a Summer of Love hero image

2022 Sheds a Light on a Summer of Love

Handful of Boom updates as some Covid measures lift in Portugal. Read on!

17/02/2022. The freedom day from the pandemic in Portugal has arrived: the Government announced the lifting of Covid-related restrictive measures in various sectors, including culture. It is no longer mandatory to present a negative test for large-scale cultural events such as Boom. Are we turning the page on the pandemic? Oxalá.

Since the pandemic started, we have actively dedicated ourselves to the community as you can see on our social media images or video. Boomland is charged with love, architecture, new facilities and trees that will please everyone.

In December our production kicked off in full swing with our crew's general meeting for the preparations of the once-in-a-lifetime 25th-anniversary edition.

The vibe is high and we want to share several topics with you that are relevant at the moment.

May you enjoy a good reading!


Come and join the very core of the Boom family. The festival’s flea market and restaurants thrive on the contribution of those who showcase their crafts and refuel thousands of Boomers with worldwide nutritious food. It’s a unique chance to care for the Boom community with what you love and do best.

The ethos of our festival implies that the selection of food vendors, chai shops and Bazaar stalls follows rigorous sustainability criteria.

There are only a few days left until applications for these areas close. Be sure to submit yours no later than 28 February 2022 by 23h59 (Portuguese continental time).



Boom needs YOU! Join the team for a few days, weeks, or months, meet new friends, share your skills and learn new ones. Every individual makes a profound contribution to the production.

What are your strengths and where can they be applied at the festival? What inspires you? What new skills do you want to learn?

Share your vision as a worker or volunteer by 30 April 2022 by 23h59 (Portuguese continental time) and co-create side by side with like-minded souls to bring this spaceship to life.


We keep receiving a large number of ticket requests on our infoline. For those without a ticket, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm, but we cannot issue more tickets: the limited capacity is to preserve comfort, space and the general infrastructure. We are sure you understand our decision for the benefit of the whole.

Although festival tickets are sold out, please note that TicketSwap is operating until the festival dates.

As for those of you seeking Cardboard Tents and/or Tipis, you’ll be satisfied to read that from 21 February 2022 at 10h00 (Portuguese continental time) new limited spaces will be made availableFollow this link to access the platform


On 16 February 2022, 99.4% of Portugal is under drought. Villages that were submerged for decades are now entirely visible. Some hydropower dams are 

In 2018, the Boomland dam reached a minimum of 10% storage. A terrible scenario. In the country water scarcity, poor management of the resource and the focus on intensive agriculture that requires more water add to the problem.

With this reality in mind, part of our efforts have been dedicated to the construction of a new onsite wastewater treatment plant that can store up to 7 million litres of water. 

This means we can treat almost 100% of the water consumed at Boom Festival.

After treatment, these grey waters will be used for irrigation and support our regeneration/reforestation efforts at Boomland.

As Boomers, you play a key part,  help us #SaveTheDrop, with the following tips:

  • Shower water will be limited for some hours. Check the running times at the showers, be patient, this measure is for the greater good; 
  • Please only use organic products in the showers to ensure the water retrieved is as clean as possible;
  • Never use shampoo or soap in the lake. And never do your bio needs in the water. Take care of Nature and Boomland.

We’ll keep the updates flowing as we journey towards the magna celebration of the 25th anniversary of Boom Festival.

Stay tuned via our social media and website (check the newsletter footer for links to the various channels).

It seems the wait might be over. We can already feel the pulsing vibration of the basslines travelling through the breeze, the smell of the dusty sand, the delicate horizon of the mountains with holm oaks that embrace Boomland. The laughs, emotions and smiles of the community…

May we be together. With Love and in Peace. For the 25th anniversary of Boom, a quarter of a century, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

See you at Boomland!